Up for bid are 10 DELFT BURROUGHS WELLCOME COMPANY PHARMACY TILES. All of them are part of a limited edition commissioned by Burroughs Wellcome Co. and presented to pharmacists at completion of their training. These were offered in the 1980's and early 1990's. Pill tiles were used to prepare pills, which are spherical dosage forms. These are handmade tiles made in DELFT, HOLLAND and is so stamped on the back of the tile before firing. The tiles measure approx. 6"by 6".Each one has the original paper description intact on the back. Two of them have a tiny flea bite on a corner only noticeable when you run your finger along the edge. The Herbalist is the only tile without a year stamped on it. Apotheek is the next one and has September 1983 on the back paper. The third tile is untitled and has a date of June 1984 and also does not have the crazed background that most of the others do. The fourth tile is untitled and has a date of Sept 1986. The fifth tile is untitled and has a date of July 1987. The sixth tile is untitled and has a date of February 1988. The seventh tile is titled The Pharmacist's Laboratory and dated May 1990. The eighth tile is titled Women Pharmacists and dated June 1991. The ninth tile is titled The Apothcary Shop As A Social Gathering Place and dated 1992. The tenth is titled Twenty Years of Commitment to Pharmacy ... read more