This is a wonderful vintage astronomical telescope from the 70's. This is an original and complete 10" F6 (60" focal length) Cave Optical Co. (Long Beach, CA) Astrola Deluxe Telescope. THE OPTICS are pristine and in perfect condition with new Clausing Beral coatings about one year ago. THE PRISTINE OPTICS ARE AS NEW - NO SCRATCHES AND NO CHIPS AND ARE SIGNED AND CERTIFIED CAVE OPTICAL ORIGINAL OPTICS. THE PRISTINE OPTICS perform well above the level of the typical Chinese "Dobs" that proliferate the market. You will be amazed at what you can see with superior ORIGINAL CAVE ASTROLA OPTICS. And, of course, the original optics are made with precision-annealed, low thermal-expansion CORNING PYREX GLASS.

All original telescope parts, as specified for the Astrola Deluxe are present, although some small adjustments, cosmetic refurbishing, and repair will be required to return this telescope to mint condition. COSMETIC REFURBISHING REQUIRED is mainly the fiberglass tuibe. THE FIBERGLASS TUBE IS ORIGINAL AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION; however, a prior owner has sanded the exterior in preparation for painting. THE TUBE DOES NOT NEED TO BE PAINTED. The finish is satin smooth and the tube's original beautiful high-gloss finish could be restored by buffing the exterior. I did not drill these holes; however, the tube has two sets of mounting
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