10 inch megaman figure MINT CONDITION

this item is called megaman and it standds 10 inches high.on the box it has megaman 15th. this item is licensed under capcom well that is just like the brand.it was made in china.made up of plastic. this item was never opened yet,

this item is for children through adults ages 4 and up. it has a real shooting weaponwhich is also plastic. it looks as if the legs and arms bend but i am not sure. this item is an action figure.like i said this item has never been opened and it was kept in a safe spot for many years also i bought it at this store for alot of money it looked neat. it is an action figure so i would think it would go high on bidding. just decided to sell it and i am hoping to get as much money off it as i can.

happy bidding!!!!!!!!