10 LOT - 24 kt GOLD BUFFALO BARS - 100 mill x 10 gram/g


I've sold these individually for up to $20 each!

You will receive 10 of the exact same bar as shown in the picture above!

These bars were recently purchased from a small Canadian minting company. These buffalo bars have only been on the market since August and are only being manufactured in limited quantities. It is a beautifully crated piece of art and unlike any other bar on the market. It will be impossible to find years from now. Makes a great gift or investment

These bars are NOT SOLID GOLD but the outside is layered in 24k gold. I believe the core metal is copper but it is hard for me to be sure without cutting past the gold layer and ruining the bar.
Gold is at $1100+ an ounce and is expected to rise due to inflation from government spending! Invest NOW!
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