$10 March 25,1843 Bank of Florida at Tallahassee, Florida (Obsolete Currency)

$10 March 25, 1843 Bank of Florida at Tallahassee, Florida. Printed by Exhange Bank of New York (Obsolete Currency)Description: Obverse: Note has a very thin, crisp feel. When held up to light, hinge material in the upper left and right cornersdarken the appearance. Two cut cancels are present. The first through the middle of the first signature (with some paper removed) and through the second signature at the end. Both cancels are slightly off perpendicular in inclination. Only one enlarged pinhole is noticeable on the top of the right most 10 adjacent to the statue. No tears are present. Note face is mainly clear and clean without areas of staining, scuffing or blemishes. Signatures, date and serial numbers are easily readable , complete in form, detailed and sharp even in the areas of the cancellations. This also holds for the lettering, explanations, numbers and headings. Scrolling and ornamentation is complete in form, sharp and detailed around the TEN , X and 10's . The portraits have strong primary outline with good secondary inner line detailing resulting in both depth and a three dimensional appearance. The corners are complete with good edges however only appear sharp in the upper left corner. Folds are low relief without paper separation or scuffing. Their runs produce scattered indentations of variable size across the ... read more