10 Miken FPMV3C12 "MV3Light" Fastpitch SB Bat 33/21

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2010 Miken FPMV3C12 "MV3 Light" Fatpitch Softball Bat


Description for the Miken MV3 Softball Bat: FPMV3C12 Fastpitch:

Miken has experienced continued success in slow pitch softball over the years, and since they hit the fastpitch softball scene they have been making a strong name for themselves. The Miken MV3 is one of the many products that has helped solidify Miken as one of the top dogs in fastpitch softball bats. The Miken MV3: FPMV3C12 -12 Fastpitch Softball Bat consists of a fully composite design. Miken’s 100 Comp is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken high performance equipment. This product is engineered utilizing 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fiber to deliver Miken’s legendary performance and durability. Adding to the quality of the materials is Miken’s R900 carbon fiber which provides 38.8% higher tensile strength and 40% higher elongation than industry standard carbon fiber. R900 is proven to endure grueling play, deliver unrivaled durability and maximum performance. To ensure the durability of their materials Miken uses the MPa7 Resin System to optimize and calibrate the performance and resilience
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