10 oz Nuk Hearts Reborn Baby Doll Fake Milk Bottle w/ Magnet Pacifier - Purple

10 oz Nuk Hearts Reborn Baby Doll Bottle with Fake Formula/Milk Purple "Baby Talk" Girl Magnetic Pacifier
I made this bottle. The formula goes into the nipple, sealed with Waterproof Silicone. It has a silicone nipple and a cap that fits over the top. These bottles are meant to be display props for reborn dolls. This bottle would not be suitable for young children. Included in this set is a magnetic pacifier. The pacifier will come unassembled with NO nipple, a Rare Earth neodymium magnet, and a piece of felt to glue over the magnet (to keep your doll from getting any marks on its mouth). I do not glue it for you to ensure that the magnet will work for your doll.
This magnet is very strong and should be kept away from all electronics and especially medical equipment (i.e pacemakers, etc).
This set is coming from a smoke-free, pet-friendly home and a reliable and honest seller! I ship as soon as possible upon receipt of payment with free tracking!
Thanks for Looking!