10 oz Silver Bar by Scottsdale Mint Loaf Poured "Chunky" .999 Fine Silver #A396

10 oz .999 Silver Loaf Pour Bar (Chunky)


10 oz "Chunky" Silver Bar
Loaf Pour Silver Bullion

.999+ Pure Silver (Solid)

Ten troy ounces
Brand New

The proportions on this one are just right; it's thick and thin in all the right places.
Collectors and Stackers affectionately refer to it as the "chunky," and this style of bar used to be minted in limited runs by the now defunct Academy Corporation. This loaf pour style of silver bar has been out of production for nearly 5 years and Scottsdale Mint is pleased to re-introduce the silver bar that embodies what many stackers agree is bullion perfection.
No two bars are exactly alike and the rugged stamped logo has an honest, mature appearance. Yes, there are dips. And ripples. And burn marks; all not so subtle nods to the old school.
Now you can own a bar of a mint style before modern technology. SOLID .999 Fine Silver Bullion. Ten Troy ounces each. ISO Certified and Qualified for IRA storage.
Check out the video below for more chunky action (video is of the original Academy Corp - produced bar, but Scottsdale's version remains true to spirit, and most importantly, true to form ):

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