10 Pack of Cream Colour Murphy`s Beer-Bar Towels - New

10 Pack of Cream Colour Murphy`s bar towels - New, measures approx 19 by 9 inches. Made from terry toweling and machine washable. Thanks for looking and we combine postage on all our towels and we buy towels if you have lots for sale. Overseas customers please

Bar towels have a variety of uses including - cleaning bowls, golf gear, washing the car and windows, cleaning paint work and for cleaning up all that mess the kids make and lots more uses in cleaning and soaking up. We have even have clients that buy bar towels for cleaning their dogs faces at dog shows to get rid of all those slebbers. Also cleaning bows for archery, a nice quiet sport for a change, he he!!, cleaning ice skates, too cold for me!! We have been told by a client they are used for cleaning sweaty hands at Baton Twirling competitions, ok we will accept that one, ha!, for use in the gym to mop the brow,cleaning cricket balls apparently aswell,Graham from Herts say`s "I'll tell you what else they're good for - wrapping round your neck whilst sailing to wipe spray etc. off your face and sunglasses. You can buy a towel for this from Musto for £30 or you can have one of these and not worry too much if it goes over the side!"!, ha! cool mate,as i have had a few emails telling me this one - i have to mention that bar towels are good for swatting those annoying
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