10 Pounds of Unsearched Ultimate Raw Gold Bearing Panning Paydirt Alaska

10 Pounds of the Ultimate RAW 100% Unsearched Gold Bearing Panning Paydirt from Alaska Free Shipping

You are considering a purchase of 10 pounds of very raw unsearched gold bearing paydirt from Alaska. *Warning* this paydirt has NOT been processed or screened and contains large rocks. It is dry and as always it contains gold, how much gold I have no idea. This is the real deal just like you went out prospecting yourself only without the Bugs, the Fuel Expense, the Travel Time and of course the Back Breaking Work! I have found small gold nuggets and flakes, I have also found Garnets, Teeth, Quartz and a Fossil. Nothing is more fun when panning than to see that flash of color in your pan. Who knows what you will find? I do! You'll find Gold! This product is for the person who just wants to find gold without a lot of hassle. The panning is easy and fun. This is not a challenging paydirt more of a payday paydirt. So take your chance at finding a fat nugget.

Disclaimer: Are you going to strike it rich with one of my bags? The answer is no, but you never know when a fat nugget will turn up. The Gold in the photos represents the kind of gold you will find NOT the amount of gold you will find. It's a Treasure Hunt No Guarantees on a set amount of gold. I recently was asked about making a profit from buying paydirt on eBay. I told them
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