10 rolls of mixed 1930"s all mintmarked

These are rolls of 1930's with all d and s mint marks. In going through them there is definitely all dates represented except 31-33. The general condition probably averages vg although you will get some ag's and also some f+ coins. I think that It is time to start putting these away considering they are all over 75 years old. Also please consider that many others on eBay are selling these for 10-25 per roll depending on the rarity like in the case of 38-d, 38-s and 39-d. Also when you look at the mintage figures out of all the Denver pennies made which is for rounding sake 9 billion then these 7 d-mints are 3.8% of the total made and the s- mints have 2.75 billion made with these 6 dates being 1.4% of the total so, other than the semi keys in the teens and the twenties these are the rarest group in the wheaties. Certainly on a potential basis these represent high potential to increase in value in the coming years.