Lot of 10 Rubberband guns! Great for the whole family, gift for your co-workers, Scout fundraiser, or to resell. These toys are a blast!

MADE IN THE USA! I am a representative of the manufacturer. You are buying the most durable rubberband gun on the market. It is made from ABS (same material as some car bumpers) and all parts have a lifetime warranty . This 17-inch semi-automatic multishot rubberband gun can easily load 10-15 rubberbands. The loading mechanism is very easy. This toy is safety-tested and is recommended for anyone 6 years of age through adult. The Artner Challenger is the exact same gun as the Regal Ranger and the Trumark versions. All three are made by the same manufacturer.

This is a classic toy gun! It is tough enough to withstand the harsh play of a ten-year-old, accurate enough for an adult to have a blast, and cool enough to exterminate bugs that find security in your vaulted ceilings. Build a fort with your kids and have a war in the living room!

The guns come in three colors: blue, grey and green. Some colors are limited. The picture shows three even though I am selling 10 in this lot. Email me at the time of purchase if you have a preference in the colors or you will receive random colors. If any gun part ever breaks, mail it to me and I'll replace it with a new one.

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