New 10 Sets of
Name Brand Skateboard Wheels Wheels may be slightly discolored HIGH QUALITY URETHANE Yes, one set is four loose wheels! This auction is for 10 SETS OF Assorted Name Brand Wheels! We will mix an assortment of 10 different sets of Name Brand Wheels from Alien Workshop, Almost, Autobahn, Baker, Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Flip, Girl, Habitat, Hi-Fi, Hubba, Mystery, Plan B, Popwar, Speed Demons, Spitfire, Stereo and Zero

You are bidding on 10 SETS of Name Brand Skateboard wheels that are shrink wrapped. Some wheels maybe slightly discoloring/yellowing which does not affect the performance of the wheels . Keep in mind that once you ride them, white wheels will no longer be white Since each package is a random pack of 10 sets, we do not have pictures of the actual set that you are purchasing .

We pick 10 different sets for you (Dual Durometer, Core and Non Core) Sizes will vary from 50-54 mm Sorry, No picking. We will do our best to give you a good mixture of 10 sets from the brands listed above. 10 sets of Name Brand Pro Quality Wheels !!! Some wheels maybe discoloring/yellowing Get your buddies, friends, family, classmates and fellow skaters together and purchase this package today! Retail Value on Skateboard Wheel Sets is about $24.99-$29.99 at local shops. Do the math and you will walk away with 10 sets for
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