10" Sterling Silver Ciborium liturgy vestment Mass

10" Sterling Silver Ciborium - Traditional Design - Very Good Condition Condition

This beautiful sterling silver ciborium stands 10" tall with the cover on, has a node carved in the shape of wheat sheaves and holds about 250 regular size hosts. This would be a perfect addition to any church or chapel that only requires a small amount of Eucharist to be kept on reserve or even for daily Mass w the Eucharist would be consecrated at that liturgy. This ciborium would also work well in a rectory, hospital or nursing home chapel or in a worship space as large as a cathedral. It is in great condition for its age (at least 40 years), has a few minor scratches on the base, and with a fresh coat of polish will really make it shine.

The wording along the side of the cup part of this ciborium reads, "Ecce Panis Angelorum - Factus Cibus Viatorum" Translated means, "This is the bread from heaven, given to the pilgrim." This verse are the first words of one of the Church's sequences.

Under the lid is a sterling silver mark that reads, "Sterling 15C" and another sterling silver mark on the bottom of the base reading, "International Sterling E 963-1"

T are is one memorial engraving mark on the bottom of the ciborium. However, that bottom plate could be replaced, which would allow it to be a beautiful gift for any
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