I am getting out of the r/c hobby and I am selling off my items. Please check out my other auctions.

This is a 1/10 Tamiya Mitsubishi Pajero ready to run. just add a battery to transmitter and truck and your off. I will include the manual that I have as well. The body is FACTORY FINISHED that I bought from Jason's store on here. I sold the kit body awhile back. The radio is a futaba magnum FM. I have added over $300.00 in hop-up and option parts. The hop-up parts cost more than the actual kit itself. The truck has been run about 4 times. It does have some scratches on the body. Its hard to take pics of the scratches. There are no cracks in the windows. The undercarriage does have scratches from rock crawling. I tried to clean the body up best I could. It was ran on a dirt trail and it has some dirt on it. I brushed off what I could. The lights and stuff can be removed and washed good.

All the lights do work on the truck. I added the cage on top with the lights, front headlight work and so do the fog lights. The truck has the following hop-up parts/upgraded parts

JunFac 20029 Side Bars (2) for Tamiya CC01 JunFac 100210 CC01 4-Link Suspension Conversion with Skid Plate JunFac 80026 Pajero Spare Wheel Mount Tamiya CC01 Upgrade Parts Aluminum Mount Use For Front and Rear Dampers - 4 Pcs Set Orange Tamiya CC01 Upgrade
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