10.5' TRAMPOLINE JUMP MAT~Replacement~72 rings~(fits 12' Frame~uses 5.5" Spring)

This Replacement TRAMPOLINE JUMP MAT has been USED ... but is in GREAT CONDITION .
***This was used by my lightweight grandkids for a little over one season... then this past Spring a 60+ mph wind storm picked up and rolled our trampoline across the backyard... bending the legs and net enclosure poles all to heck... (see the attached photo of one of the grandsons on it after the storm).
[***I am selling the TRAMPOLINE JUMP MAT here...
( the 72 SPRINGS are selling in a separate auction )...
I'm pitching the torn up net enclosure, and
I'm recycling the aluminum frame and legs.]
This trampoline mat is 10.5 feet across (approx. 126+ inches), and has 72 rings that are all there and firmly attached . (This mat used 72 of the 5.5 inch springs)
There are NO repairs, NO rips, NO tears, NO stains, NO storm damage, and NO problems whatsoever with this Replacement TRAMPOLINE JUMP MAT .
It is READY to replace your old similar trampoline mat right out of the box.
GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN Bidding on EBAY !
( NOTE : As is typical of most energetic little kids... Our grandkids are now wanting an above ground pool to play in this summer instead of a trampoline.)