10 Vintage 40s/50s STUFFED TOY ANIMAL Sewing Patterns


This estate lot consists of the 10 patterns you see below. Most of the patterns have been used, but have been carefully saved. I have not counted all the patterns, but the ones I did count were complete. Most of the envelopes are in fair to good condition with some tears, and writing.

1) MCCALL'S PRINTED PATTERN 2099 - "Instant" Toys - Stuffed Toy Lamb and Poodles. Dated 1956.

2) ADVANCE 6917 - Rabbit

3) SIMPLICITY 3701 - Set of Stuffed Toys - Donkey, Giraffe, Duck and Lamb

4) MCCALL'S PRINTED PATTERN WITH TRANSFER 1443 - Stuffed Sock Toys - Doll, Cat, Bunny, and Monkey. Dated 1948.

5) ADVANCE 6588 - "Floppy" Dog Pajama Case to hold sleepwear or other toys

6) ADVANCE 9600 - "Percy the Penguin" Pajama Case. UNCUT

7) MCCALL'S PRINTED PATTERN WITH INSTANT CUT TRANSFER 2425 - Stuffed Toy Dog, Cat and Kittens - Animals with All-Over Embroidery. Dated 1960. UNCUT.

8) SIMPLICITY 4915 - Set of Stuffed Toys - Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse

9) MCCALL'S PRINTED PATTERN WITH TRANSFER 2338 - Stuffed Sock Toys - Clown and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. Dated 1959.

10) SIMPLICITY 7113 - DISNEY'S THE THREE CABALLEROS - Donald Duck, Joe Carioca, and Panchito. COMPLETE AND UNCUT. Envelope is in poor condition. (Pattern
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