We have for your viewing and bidding pleasure 10 vintage collectible painted on label soda pop bottles.The first 3 are green glass.The first is a 16 FL. OZ. (1 PINT) 7 UP COMMEMORATIVE BOTTLE.It is SEPT. 13-19,1976 LAKE CRYSTAL,MINNESOTA FARM FEST AMERICA'S BICENTENNIAL SALUTE TO AGRICULTURE.It is in very good condition.The next 2 are 7 fl. oz..The first is a SQUIRT and has the little fellow with the SQUIRT logo on the back side with the statement NEVER AN AFTER-THIRST.The bottle has some mineral content on the inside.The next is a 7-UP with the young woman in a bathing suit with bubbles above her.On the back side it has the contents with the statement YOU LIKE IT IT LIKES YOU 7-UP BOTTLING COMPANY MITCHELL,S.DAK..The bottle has some fine line scratching.The fourth bottle is a lighter shade of green and is a 6 1/2 oz. bottle DR. PEPPER.It has the logo 10,2 and 4(this means DR. PEPPER whats you to drink a bottle at 10,2 and 4 o'clock to refresh yourself).The bottle shows some wear with mineral content inside.It needs washing inside.The next bottle also could use some washing inside and shows some wear.It is also light green and is ROYAL CROWN COLA with their label and an embossed logo.The next bottle is highly embossed and is a ORANGE CRUSH.It has 2 diamond shape logos.On the back logo with the name it has PAT'D JULY 26,1920.On the ... read more