10 White Sage Smudge Mini Bundles Sticks Lakota Sioux

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This auction is for 10 (ten) Mini Dakota White Sage Bundles 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 inches long X 3/4 - 1 1/4 thick
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Genus: Artemisia Species: ludoviciana Variety: latiloba
Common name(s): White Sage, Dakota Sage, Black Sage, Wormwood , Mugwort.

Our white sage is not "California White Sage," it is a much milder and mellower Dakota White Sage that was used by most tribes in the "Central Plains." It does not have the strong pungent scent of the "California White Sage," instead it burns with a mild sweet scent that many people prefer.

These fresh, top quality Dakota Mini White Sage bundles are pleasantly mild the perfect size for indoor smudging or small spaces w the larger bundles may get a bit overwhelming. Our Dakota White Sage was gatd, sorted, trimmed

The plants are collected in such a way that the source is sustainable. For example this means not pulling up root systems, harvesting just enough so that the plant will continue to thrive and generally caring for each plant source. Because of the scarcity of some of the traditional Native American herbs and plants we feel this attitude to be absolutely essential.

Bundles of white sage branches are widely used for "smudging", a Native American tradition in which the top of the smudge stick is lit and the smoke which rises is wafted around the area to be purified. This herb is considered "sacred" by Native Americans who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations in the "smudging" ceremony. The smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life. Smudges put out a lot of soothing smoke. Very refreshing, relaxing, clearing --- like traveling through the clouds...

Native Americans used sage smudge to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying, purifying the atmosp & dispersing negativity. It is also used to purify sacred items such as pipes, and eagle feathers. Some may use it to purify their homes, offices, cars and some carry a small amount of sage in a pocket or medicine pouch to insure personal and spiritual safety. Its traditional physical medicinal uses are as an astringent, antiseptic, carminative and as a disinfectant against inflammation and as a soothing, calming aromatic tea which is especially beneficial for women.

To burn a smudge stick - just place in an abalone shell or some other heat-proof container partially filled with sand or salt placed tin to hold the smudge upright. Remove the yarn, light the tip, blow it out and direct the smoke around your body and/or the space you wish to "clear". You may also set the wand in the container and use a "smudging feather" or your hand to direct the smoke. To extinguish, invert smudge into the sand or salt to smother or drench the burning tip in water until it is extinguished and save the remainder of the bundle for another time. Never leave lit smudge unattended and care should be used when extinguishing.

Description: ARTEMISIA LUDOVICIANA LATILOBA has striking silver downy and sometimes lobed leaves that ...

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