10 Wm Rogers Mfg Co Presidential Collectors Spoons!

10 Different Wm Rogers Mfg Co Presidential Collectors Spoons!

All are in Excellent Condition.

Spoons are 6" long. All say Wm Rogers Mfg Co. IS on the back. Two list Pat #114,792

Presidential Portrait on Handle end, Name down handle length, and noted accomplishment in bowl.

Herbert Hoover, Progress of Aviation....Grover Cleveland, Intrstate Commerce Act 1887.....Calvin Coolidge, taking Oath of Office....Franklin Pierce, Development of the West.....John Tyler, Sends the First Telegram.....Franklin Roosevelt, Social Security.....Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Speech.....Andrew Johnson, Atlantic Cable-1866.....Gerald Ford, American Revolution Bicentennial.....John Quincy Adans, Erie Canal.

10 in all, Low start at just $1.00 per spoon, and no reserve!

Please see picture.