100+ Central Oregon Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts

T is no one left in my family to pass this collection on to so I have decided to give others who can appreciate the beauty of these artifacts a chance to own them.

All were collected from an ancient summer hunting camp on my aunts ranch in Central Oregon. The camp was partially excavated by Oregon State University in 1965 and we were told at that time that it had been occupied almost yearly for nearly a thousand years.

T are only a few perfect arrowheads, mostly bird points and knives, but many of the chipped and broken ones are very beautiful and show the tremendous skill of the Native Americans who created them. Most are obsidian, jasper and quartz but t are a few petrified wood and moss agate as well.

Along with the arrowheads are scrapers of all sizes, a small (about 3 inches) knife or spear point and a few tools that I don't know the use of. T are approximately 100 pieces and as you can see from the pictures most have not been cleaned and still have the high desert dirt on them.

Please note: The pictures aren't very good so let me know if you need more pictures of any of the arrowheads.

Thanks for looking!

PayPal is preferred but I will also accept money orders. Payment is due no later than 5 days from the end of the auction. Shipping includes a $1.00 packaging and handling
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