100+ yr. old Handcrafted Oak schoolhouse window

In the late 1890's, an old one-room German-immigrant built school house was torn down. The lumber was used to build a red barn on my son's place. The windows from the school were all stored in the loft of this red barn. I have sold all but this one. It is Primitive on one side, with all of the paint drips, etc, and then I've done a little sanding on the other side. This window will be packaged with the original glass. I will re-caulk both sides of this window with a clear,pliant caulk that can be removed, but will aid in protection of the glass. I have had some breakage, usually small, canny-cornered ones. I cannot guarantee the "glass", but I do guarantee the integrity of the window construction. The latch is copper. Ropes and weights have been removed.

This window is 25" X 32" and weighs over 11 pounds. The two panes are 27" X 9 1/2". This is guaranteed to be an original window, over 100 years old. If you receive this window, and it is damaged on the construction wood frame, please email me, and I will refund 100% of purchase and shipping charges. I will do everything I can to protect the glass, but I do not guarantee the glass.

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