1 Very Nice 100% Authentic Indiana Hornstone Turkeytail

Please read the fulli tem description.

This auction is for one Indiana Hornstone Fulton type Turkeytail. Please look at the pictures carefully. This piece was purchased from a local farmer. It was broken in half at the time I purchased it although the farmer said it was whole when he found it. I had the piece restored many years ago and it is not the best restoration job in the world, but it does have one very good side for showing. If I remember correctly, the piece was glued at the near center and another large chip may have been missing and was replaced by filler during the restoration. This would be a good piece to have restored again now that there are guys out there that do better work today. 5 ½ inches. Great classic style and I believe this piece to be 100% authentic as I purchased it from a none collecting farmer. From Wells County Indiana. Nice lockable wood frame included.

Ruler or coinpictured with the relic is for size only and is not included in the auction.

All prehistoric relics sold by me here were either legally obtain by surface hunting on private land or purchased from other collector’s. None of these artifacts were found on federal, state or public land, and they pre date 1600 unless noted. All relics are 100% guaranteed authentic. I will offer a 15 day return policy on all artifacts
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