100 BULLETS Full Run Complete Series 1-100 Vertigo Set

Hi, and thanks for looking at my auction. This auction contains FIRST PRINTS of ALL 100 issues of BRIAN AZZARELLO and EDUARDO RISSO's brilliant NOIR/CRIME/CONSPIRACY THEORY series 100 BULLETS. This brilliant series is the second-longest-running series in VERTIGO history (and, I actually think it's even better than HELLBLAZER). These books average NM- (9.2/9.0) in condition; the early issues (1-5) are all AT LEAST 9.4 (in my opinion). Some of the middle issues are VF/VF+ and those are the ones in the worst shape of the lot.
You can either buy this complete series in trades (which will never go up in value because they will NEVER go out of print) or you can get it this way, and if you have to sell your books off in 20 years, #1 will probably be worth as much as you're paying for the whole lot now.
Shipping is $10 to America, and (much) more to EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD - message me for exact details, but please keep in mind that these books weigh about 16 pounds need to have a tracking number attached to them because I have been shafted by unscrupulous buyers in the past. I will seal these in a secure box along with a LOT of padding; I take great pride in shipping all of my comics in a very safe manner, so you can rest assured that you won't have to deal with a bunch of dinged and dented books arriving in some beaten-up
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