100 Bundert Mark BANKNOTE - GERMANY

RARE REICHSBANKNOTE FROM ESTATE COLLECTION OF FOREIGN CURRENCY: **** MORE TO BE ADDED **** ORIGINAL 100 Bundert Mark BANKNOTE - Dated: Berlin den 7 februar 1908 - Numbered: Nr 7748635L on both sides - Picture 1 and Picture 2. This is a 100 mark note that was probably worth a decent sum at the time it was printed. Beautiful Art Nouveau Engraving. Note looks used. There are center creases center where it had been folded. NO TEARS OR PINHOLES - There is still some crispness to the paper. - These are scans of the ACTUAL note - NB: The corner is not missing. - It was folded over when scanned. Please view carefully and draw your own conclusion about condition grade.