100% Complete Boxed DARK TOWER Electronic Fantasy Board Game by Milton Bradley

Included here is Milton Bradley's classic vintage 1981 electronic board game DARK TOWER. This cult classic is complete, boxed, and includes all of the following, itemized and described in detail below. The quantities listed are the complete quantities listed in the manual for each. I am not sure if the tower works 100% (read description) so I am starting this at only 1 cent in hopes of finding it a good home with someone who knows how to use it!Box This includes the top, bottom, and the interior tray insert. The box shows moderate wear from storage as shown. The bottom of the box shows shelf wear but is entirely readable. The top of the box has one split corner, and a 1-inch split on another corner. Overall clean and in good/acceptable condition. 1 x Plastic Game Tower (Game Unit) The tower is clean and complete, showing only the lightest insignificant wear from very light, rare use. The battery cover is intact. The battery compartment is extremely clean and looks like new. I tested the tower and it does power up, the 0 (zero) appears, red dashes appear, but I don't hear any motor sounds. When I lifted the tower top and gently lifted the interior components, more sounds and lights appeared. It may be an issue with the main bulb, but I am no expert and I will leave this to a hobbyist/enthusiast to fix. Because of this I am selling ... read more