-100- GOLD CORKED VIALS - leaf - nugget! 100% 24k gold.

(100) GOLD CORKED VIALS - 100% 24k gold

This auction is for (100) gold corked vials, the gold is 100% 24k gold leaf flakes, the vials are glass and 1/2 dram size.

Thank you for your interest in our product, we do feel that the price is very fair for such a great item. Our gold vials are sold all over the world at mining shops, prospecting shops, rock and gem shows, metal detecting meets, GPS treasure hunts, gift and jewelry stores. And now they have taken off as wedding and promotional favors. We believe that most people know the value of these great gift items, and a few still haven't discovered the many great marketing uses of them. We are a wholesaler and have many return customers, and we hope that you may become one of them.

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