100' Longwire Antenna Kit for Crystal Radio Set 10/28 AWG Stranded Litz Wire

100' Longwire Antenna Kit for Crystal Radio Set

Comes attached to 24 feet of quality stranded lead-in wire. (enough to also make a ground connection)Also included is 10 feet of good nylon rope.

This antenna is constructed with 10 individualy insulated 28 AWG (stranded wire) conductors in a flat cable, spaced .05" apart, making the antenna more conductive at lower frequencies.

This is just like the antenna that I have been experimenting with. At only 5-8 feet off the ground, it seems to be more sensitive below 1500KHZ than a single wire antenna of the same length. I swept the antenna with my VSWR Bridge, and found the resonant dip at 1875KHz. The first screen shot below shows 1875KC in the center. 400KHz is at the extreme left of the screen. The large pip, just left of the center frequeny, is a very strong AM station at 1520KHz.

The other screen shot is a receiving sample of the AM broadcast band, with 1000KHZ in the center.

This antenna wire also seems very directional. Pointing the open end towards the strongest AM station, attenuates the (1520) signal considerably, making other stations more selectable.

I will offer a $10 discount if you purchase one of my crystal radios with this antenna. Be sure to let me send your invoice first. If not, I will refund the $10 when I find your
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