100 Lot POKEMON card 1x ex LV.x star holo rare included

This auction is for 100x Pokemon cards including ONE (1x) LV.X, ex, or star card!

This auction is NOT for all of the cards pictured. The pictures show the special cards I have, ONE of the cards pictured has been included in each set. Please don't bid unless you read and understand what's included in this auction.

This set is guarenteed to include at least:

- One LV.x, or ex, or star card ; the set you will receive will include ONE (1x) of the cards shown in the pictures. I have listed all the special cards that headline each set. You will receive one of the cards from the list of ex, lv.x and star cards listed below. Condition is variable, but all are in excellent condition, most are mint.

+ at least 5 rare holographic , or rare reverse holo cards, mostly from newer sets like Diamond and Pearl sets.

+ at least 6 rare non-holo cards.

+ at least 5 common or uncommon holo or reverse holo cards.

+ at least 83 more common and uncommon cards from a variety of sets, mostly newer, a few old maybe, nearly no duplications of any card, all in at least very good condition, most mint. Some sets have more rares and holos, thus fewer commons so the total remains at 100.

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