$100 Million American Gold Classics Collection Coins

These are commemorative pieces in the exclusive $100 Million Gold Classic Collection. This collections of limited edition commemoratives pays tribute to the most famous and valuable gold coins in United States history. The complete collections spans the entire history of US gold coins from 1787 to 1933 and includes all eight denominations-----$1, $2.50, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20 and $50. Each commemorative in the collections is 39mm in diameter, weighs 408 grains, has a smooth edge, is layered in 10mil of pure gold and is in Gem Proof Condition.

Here is the definition of the coins from the website.

The ULTIMATE Dream Collection of US Gold Treasures!

The 24 proof replica coins contained in the $100 Million American Gold Classics Collection represent the absolute ULTIMATE dream collection of US Gold!! Even the wealthiest collector in the world could not hope to actually own all of these coins, since many of them are in the Smithsonian Institution and will never end up in a private collection.

1851 Humbert US Assay Office $50 ".887": A historic icon from the California Gold Rush days. It's estimated that fewer than 1000 specimens exist today. A unique Proof last sold in 1980 for $500,000!

1860 Pikes Peak $20: Gold was discovered on Pikes Peak in the 1850's, sparking a gold rush that led to Colorado's statehood.
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