100++ Mixed Lot of Postcards 1910~1960's with/without Postage

Up for bid are these 100++ Mixed Date/Postage Postcards :
~30 Postcards following the TOMLINSON Family from 1911 - 1950's: In these cards you can see that Mr. Tomlinson makes his way from Private to Sargent in the Army. The family is mainly in Reading, PA, however you can see that they travel to other U.S. States.
~22 U.S. Cities Postcards 1910-1960: Mixed postage/no postage.
~18 Postcards following Merrill Family 1906-1911: Most are dated with postage.
~11 Postcards written to Miss. Catherine Meinholtz, Reading, PA 1908~1918: Some Postcards have no postage.
~9 Postcards written in German 1960's: Most without postage.
~6 Postcards written to Various People from Various Places 1950's: Some Postcards have no postage.
~4 Postcards following Miss. Nutt 1940's: From West Chester, PA Most of these have postage.
~4 Postcards written to Volbring Family 1964~1998: With Postage.
~3 Postcards written to Miss. Ellen Venema 1960's: All with Postage.
~2 Cultural Postcards: 1956 The Wa-Swa-Gon Indian Dance, Wisconsin and 1981 Taos Indian Dancers, New Mexico
~2 Greetings Postcards: 1910 To Mr. Roring, Reading PA Easter Greetings & Unknown Date: Oilette Postcare No 9612
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