100 Mixed Lot of Used Golf Balls - all brands

You will received over 100 assorted used golf balls: Callaway, Nike, Titleist, Pinnacle, etc. All are in good to excellent condition - we throw in a few just in case we missed one with a cut. There may be minor imperfections, blemishes and/or player markings. There might be a few with logos. My retired father goes to the local golf course every day - please consider buying from us so that he is kept off the streets and has a little pocket money.

The picture is not the actual lot you will get but it will be similar. Calloway, Nike and Titleist seem to popular on our local course. I ship to US addresses only.

Negative, neutral or other than a positive 5 star feedback can hurt our selling ability. It is just my dad and I - I do this to put some spending money in his pocket and it keeps him busy. We are not a store or a big seller - so if you are the winning bidder and are not happy with the transaction, golf balls or description, please contact me so that we can work out the problem.