I am happy to offer this mixed lot of jewelry. T are at least 100 pieces in this collection, varying in age, style, and quality.
You will find 14k gold, sterling silver, gold-filled and gold-plated, and signed costume pieces.
Included are:
At least 20 pins or brochures, including a lovely Staffordshire china pin and several gold-filled ones.
At least 10 necklaces. T are a couple of sterling ones in , and some lovely stones. T is an unusual necklace with a pendant filled with tiny mustard seeds.
T are 4 rings. One is 14k gold, a lady's wedding band. It is engraved on the inside, "Married Forever," with a date in 1974. T is a small sterling ring and a nice cubic zirconia one.
At least 11 bracelets. One is an ID bracelet that opens, and that part of it is marked sterling (the band is stainless, I believe).
9 pendants of various kinds. A very old cameo, small. Some unusual items in this bunch!
Several pairs of cufflinks or tie-tacks, including a boxed set by Pioneer and some lovely abalone ones.
At least 21 pairs of earrings. Some very old clip-ons; a new pair of Marvella with an original price of $40.00.
5 watches, including a gorgeous gold-filled Hampden pocket watch with 17 jewels and a twist-off back. Very old and very pretty!
A number of beaded necklaces. I don't think these
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