100+ Piece Victorian Jewelry Lot 10K Also GF Watch Chains Fobs Slides Garnets

This is a huge lot of over 100 pieces of Victorian and Edwardian jewelry and other things. All of these pieces are gold filled; gilt; silver plated or pot metal unless otherwise stated. There are some bits and pieces but most of these pieces are wearable. There are roughly 10 bracelets and some bracelet parts; 8 of the fob holders- whatever the hooks with the flat mesh coming down from them are called, both with and with out the mesh; 24 chains; bar pins-20; round pins- 19; 14 pendants/lockets; 4 pairs of cufflinks and 8 singles; 2 necklaces. There is wear to some of the pieces. I'd say that 80-85% is in wearable condition. The nicest pieces are a couple garnet pins (only 1 stone missing), a pair of opal and garnet earrings; over 20 watch chains including some with slides on them. At least one of the slides is 10K gold; another 10K piece is one of the agate pieces; the last one I'm sure about is the onyx round piece on the bottom right of the pictures. Someone added the pearl in the middle and it has loops on each side. Not sure what it's supposed to hook onto. The watch chains are gilt; gold filled and silver plated. I think one is sterling but can't remember. Only some of the bracelets are wearable. One has Estruscan cannetille on it. A couple are usable for parts. There is a gorgeous cameo pin missing one decoration on the

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