100 POGS AND 2 SLAMMERS! +Much More!

This is your all inclusive POG - Milk Cap Deal
Here is what you will receive:
(100) BRAND NEW MILK CAPS (Poison and 8 ball themed as pictured + depending on stock in hand other various designs. You may receive duplicates as they have not been sorted through.) (2) Containers to properly protect and store your milk caps. Colors will vary (2) slammers to play the game. Style and types of slammer will vary. (1) Mini 4-5 inch game disk/board to play the game on. Color will vary. This is a great way to add to your current collection or to start one. Milk caps can also be used as a learning and teaching tool and can also be used to motivate as a reward.
These caps are vintage 1990's and are getting harder to find.
There is also a chance you may receive extra item(s) with your purchase, at times we like to randomly add to orders, yes, add to orders where we throw in stickers, slammers, Milk caps, vintage RARE POGS, containers, and other milk/cap pog related stuff. Keep in mind, that the extra stuff is in no way guaranteed and should be look at as an added bonus.
We are happy to answer your questions, have one? Send it our way. We hope we can earn your business. Thank you kindly for viewing. Check out our other great items !