100 Sheets Microchamber Paper - Acid Removal System

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Microchamber Interleaving Paper

100 Sheets $13.95

Absorb acid & pollutants from inside your comics. Use between each page to eliminate odors from mold, mildew & smoke. The same paper CGC uses before encasing comics. Custom cut for any comic size. Prorate any number of papers based on quantity rates. Flat $6.00 Unlimited Item Shipping

Actually remove acid and other pollutants from the pages of your comics!

Put a piece inside the front and back covers.

Inner pages: center, every 4, or between each page.

Put between the comic and the backing board.

What is Microchamber technology?

SPZ zeolite absorbing paper protects your comics from the inside out by actively removing acids and other pollutants from your comics.

Even with Mylar Bags and Lignin-free boards your comics will still suffer from acid damage. No matter what you do to protect your comics from the elements, a bag and board won't stop damage from inside the comic itself. That's w Microchamber paper comes in.

What should I know about the acid in my comics?

Lignin is the organic molecule that holds plants together. To give you an idea
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