100 Used Floater Floating Golf Balls that Float - water range - FREE SHIPPING

The balls have come off our floater golf ball range. Some balls are in better condition than others, but all will float. I don't know if they play on a course like other balls. They are not like other balls, they are 10% lighter so they can float.

You will receive a random mix like the balls you see in the picture.

USA FREE for shipping.

Shipping international will be extra.

The only way the balls sink is when they get a little bit heavier, this happens when algae attaches to the ball. The best way to get this collection off is dipping the balls in Muriatic acid. This will help you from sinking your balls.

You can choose to add extra balls to your order for only $.45 per ball shipping included, $.55 for international customers. Just let us know before you make your payment. 50 ball limit.