100 year old Bell Alarm Clock Westbury Clock co.

This clock is 7"High, 4" wide. The case is stainless or nickel and the back is brass. The face has roman numerals on the front. The numbers on the
back are regular numbers. It has a wind up knob for the time and one for the alarm. The little legs are made of brass. This little alarm clock is unique.
It has three pat'd dates on the back of Oct 28th 1902- May 15th 1906- Dec.15th 1908. the wind up tabs are all brass. It has a place on back w you
can adjust the time from fast to slow. It was made by the Westbury Clock MFG. Co. USA
Shipping will be 6.60 priority. Insurance should be taken out as I will not be responsible for the clock without insurance. Please email before bidding
with any questions. I try to describe items as good as I can and I try to get them out as soon as I possibility can as I do this by myself. I do not overcharge
only for packaging and wrapping materials. I also have to go into town to mail the items I sell.
Thanks for looking