100 year old ornate antique oak church pew in original finish...NICE!; 51" wide

This offering is for the 51" wide beautiful ornate antique oak church pew pictured .
It would make a wonderful Christmas gift!
It has a feature that is extremely rare.....ornate applied carvings on both the outside of the end panels as well as on the inside of the panels (near the top on the inside). In 12 or more years of buying and selling 400 or more antique church pews, I have never had any with applied carvings on the inside of the end panels. The pew has been shortened from its original length and is just as it was used in the church; I have gone over it with Old English to cover over scratches from the nearly 100 years of usage. It is completely authentic and is an attractive looking piece that would look great in your family room, entry way, on your porch or patio, in a sun room, in an office or reception area, or just about anywhere seating you would like to place them. The pew is 51 inches wide at the rear of the pew . You can see that both end panels taper in slightly, making the front of the pew slightly narrower than the back of the pew . The end panels are 38 1/2" high. When placed against the wall, the pew will extend out into the room 24". Seat height is 15 1/2" from the floor and seat depth is 15". There is a slight curvature to the benches that you can see in the pictures. There is a very nice 32 inch
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