This large painted ceremonial Buffalo Skull is well over 100 years old. It was purchased from a Blackfoot Indian, an elderly Lady who was an avid collector of Native American artifacts. A very enlightened Lady with a museum quality collection.

This Buffalo may have been found at the site of a 'buffalo jump'. Long ago, working afoot, they would stampede a herd over a cliff were Members of the tribe would be waiting at the bottom to club or stone the animals to death. It may have been killed with a bow and arrow. Whichever his demise, a stone axe was used to break open the skull to remove the brains for food or the hide-tanning process. No part of this Buffalo would have been wasted. This Skull was not wasted...painted by an Indian using natural pigments, it was used in Ceremonies. I've added a picture of an article from a book regarding the painted buffalo skull. It reads, in part 'A painted Buffalo Skull occupied a place of honor during the annual Sun Dance, the Plain's tribes' famed ritual of sacrifice and thanksgiving'.

Although the Skull is impressive as it is, I added Buffalo Tails adorned with pottery and bone beads, bird feathers and 1 ANCIENT BUFFALO TOOTH using sinew, trade cloth and brain-tanned leather. The nose is long gone, so for balance I placed an old piece of driftwood behind the skull (it is not
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