1000 Grip Chip Poker Chips Set. 3 Tone Crown Dice 14Gm

14 Gram "Grip Chip"

1000 Ct Poker Chip Set

Crown and Dice 3 Tone

The "Grip Chip"

This is an authentic Grip Chip Poker Chip Set.

Grip Chips are specially formulated and manufactured to provide a superior feel. The Grip Chip is a Soft Clay Composite that increases the playability and feel of the poker chip. The extra texture ensure a no slip surface and increased poker chip stackability! The Grip Chip's soft compound also ensures a smooth rattle when riffling. This is not like other chip sets that sound annoying as they splash the pot.

If you are looking for a chip that will ensure your poker game plays like an authentic casino game, the Grip Chip is for you!

This is the 3 Tone Crown and Dice. Each Chip has three different colors on the face as well as on the edge spots! Each chip carries a weight of 14 Grams. The 14 Gram Weight is among the heaviest Poker Chips on the Market. Most other chips only weigh 11.5 grams. The Grip Chip Crushes their competition with superior weight, appearance and texture!

Within This Set you will receive the following Colors: 200 White Grip Chips, 200 Red Grip Chips, 200 Green Grip Chips, 200 Black Grip Chips, 100 Navy Blue Grip Chips, 50 Orange Grip Chips and 50 Pink Grip Chips.

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