(1000) Pre-1959 Lincoln WHEAT BACK Penny One Cent Coin Lot * S

(1000) Pre-1959 Lincoln WHEAT BACK Penny One Cent Coin Lot
Offered here are 1000 LINCOLN WHEAT BACK PENNIES. This is an unsearched lot. The possibility does exist to find semi rare dates, but at least expect a nice mix of P, D & S mintmarks in the lot. Coins are worn and circulated, but there should still be plenty with detail. We guarantee the coins shown in the high resolution pictures are in like condition to the coins you will receive.
Please email all questions before purchasing . * LINCOLN WHEAT BACK PENNY * Designer: Victor David Brenner - Diameter: 19 Millimeters - Weight: 3.1 Grams - Composition: 95% Copper, 5% Tin and Zinc - Edge: Plain - Mintmark: Below date on obverse . The designation at the end of the title is for internal use only and unrelated to the item. We have tried to provide an accurate description and feature representative pictures. This lot is offered here at quite a deal. Thank you for viewing this listing. We are an ARIZONA based company that hosts large events all over the country with teams of buyers looking for most anything of value. Add us to your FAVORITES list as each week we list a wide variety of treasures including COINS , COLLECTIBLES , TIME PIECES and GOLD & SILVER jewelry plus much, much more. And all at bargain prices. We proudly accept PAYPAL and provide
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