1000 + Vintage METAL & BRASS BUTTONS Military Uniform NAUTICAL Royalty LONE STAR

This is for the buttons you see here in the first photo. All other photos are closeup shots of what is in the lot. YOU GET BETWEEN 750 and 1000 (probably more) BUTTONS FOR YOUR WIN . I, honestly, did not take the time to count them. I AM ASSUMING there to be at least 750 buttons. I am also assuming that there are over 1000. BUT, I CANNOT GUARANTEE HOW MANY THERE. I cannot imagine there are fewer than 750, but I did not count . Not sure how old these are. Fairly old, I think, but not sure just how old . And, I am quite sure that they are unused. Cannot swear that they are, as I am not the original owner, but I believe them to be unused. Some are brass, some are brass color, but not positive what metal they are all made of. A magnet does attract to many of them, but not all. The sizes range anywhere from dime size to quarter size and in between. Various sizes. Maybe a bit smaller, maybe a bit larger for others. About 4 Lbs. total weight. Photos show the true condition. Please look closely and be sure to ask any questions you may have.