100S 20"Natural Black Body Wavy Human Hair Extensi#1B

100S 20"Natural Black Body Wavy Human Hair Extension #1B

Brand new,Nail tip ( U-shape), Silky soft, 100% Human hair ,

0.5g per strand


1) Color : #1B natural black

2) Length : 20 inch

3) Texture: Body wavy

4) Weight: 0.5g per strand

5) Hair type : 100% human hair

6) Number of strands: 100

7) Nail tip ( U -shape tipped) human hair extension

8) Brand new, quality silk soft

9) Pre-tipped with glue , very easy to use and no need of any cutting or removing

10 ) A protein tip shaped like finger tip

11 ) It can last several month and can be reused in most of cases

12) Hair can be used to thicken, add length, weaved or highlight the hair and do various hair styles as it can be made in different widths. It is also can be dyed

13) Easy to curl and Blow Dry by Electric Iron and Themal Iron

Our hair is 100% Asian human hair. You can dye or curl it.

How Much Hair Do I Need ?

1. Ladies with thin hair wear 150-200 Strands for highlight hair.

2. However, you may need more than 200 Strands, if your hair is thick, you have heavy layers; or a bob cut; you are wearing 22" or longer

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