100th Anniversary Winchester Rifle Knife & Truck Set

This Limited Edition Collectible Set is the 100th Anniversary 1895-1995 of the Winchester Repeating Rifles, contains replica model truck and pocketknife. The set comes boxed in a styrofoam box. The knife is individually boxed in a black box, marked Winchester W 15 1995-1 Knife licensed and approved by Winchester. On one side of the knife it reads "100th Anniversary 1895-1995", the other side has a Winchester Rifle and reads "Winchester Rifle 1895". The knife blade has the name "Winchester" on it and is numbered 0770, with 1895-1 on the other side. The replica truck is beautiful designed and is 8" long. The outer box has some shelf wear. One small 1" tear in the box at the corner w you take the inter box out. This set has never been displayed and has been in the box since purchased. Questions welcome.