2) #10123 Cloud City one built,other most still in bags

This auction is for 2 yes two Lego Clould City's #10123, niether are complete.Being sold as parts and piece's, as is. There are no figures The first 5 pics is the set that has bags 3,4,and 5 and all the loss stuff., plates, and parts. It also has the new direction. The box is ok, there is some clear tape on it. The other one comes by itself, no directions or box, no figures, and it it is missing 6 pcs 3 white screw like piece's, and 3 thick gray 4 X6, I ONLY ship to the USA payment due thru Pay-Pal at the end of the auction.Your order will be mailed to you the next morning.Both sets will come in one box.The buyer pays the shipping. E-mail me if you have any ?'s