105" Fiberglass DG1000 RC Electric Glider Sailplane kit

2011 NEW! 2650MM DG-1000 RC Electric Glider Airplane kit
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DG-1000 is a new design true scale slope glider manufactured in a very high quality standard. It's 2650mm wingspan indicates lift very well and allow it to climb in thermals & light-wind conditions. The tip-up winglet allow you to take stable turns and fast straight flying in a very wide range of wind conditions.

DG-1000 Fly Video

Elevator servo is installed at the tail instead of at the front. The push rod's travel is shorter and less slop due to the absent of "L" bellcrank lever.

The T-tail mounting area is enlarged for a strengthen T-tail holder with higher flying stability.

The tail wing's incidence angle changed from 0 to -2degree or a better and faster performance.

The thickness of plywood reinforcement inside fuselage increased to 2mm with new structure arrangement.

Standard size servo arranged for rudder servo.

Using of single piano wire push rod inside plastic tube (pre-installed) for rudder instead of push /pull method.

Metal tube for wing joiner inside fuselage instead of fiberglass.

The DG-1000 EP only weight for less than 1300g so it can fly well in the thermal condition.

Technical Specifications:

Fuselage : Fiberglass
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