105 Oklahoma Sooners Card RC Set OU Switzer Bosworth +

WOW! You are looking at a Super Scarce 105 Count Oklahoma Sooners College Issue Football Card Collection!!! Yes, this Awesome Auction includes tons of OU Superstars that created the mystique and stories known as "Sooner Magic"!!!
You get the following Scarce OU Sooners College Issue Rookie Cards: Super Scarce 1986 National Champs Brian Bosworth Team D RC (beat Texas); 1986 McDag Dante Jones; 1986 McDag Sonny Brown; 1982 Team Issue Billy Sims; 1986 OU National Champs Buster Rhymes (+ others - only Rhymes OU Card); 1982 Team Issue LeRoy Selmon; 1986 National Champs Tony Casillas; 1987 Police Dante Williams;; 1986 McDag Steve Bryan; 1982 Team Issue Daryl Hunt; 1988 Police Anthony Stafford; 1988 Police Scott Garl; 1989 Police Dante Williams; 1988 Police Dante Williams; 1988 Police Leon Perry; 1989 Police Leon Perry; 1988 Police Rotnei Anderson; 1989 Police Adrian Cooper; 1988 Police Curtice Williams; 1989 Police Tom Backes (x2); 1982 Team Issue Steve Owens; 1982 Team Issue Billy Vessels; 1982 Team Issue Steve Owens All American; 1982 Team Issue Darrell Royal; 1989 Police Scott Evans (x2); 1989 Police Gary Gibbs; 1989 Police Don Smitherman; 1986 McDag Anthony Phillips; 1988 Police Anthony Phillips; 1986 McDag Tim Lashar; 1987 Police Anthony & Jon Phillips; 1988 Police Eric Bross; 1988 Police Bob Latham; 1988 Police Mark Vankeirsbilck;
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