10K Gold & Pearl Chi Omega Fraternity Sorority Pin

A gorgeous pin hailing from the Chi Omegas! One of my absolute favorite designs, this pin has 15 gorgeous pearls and fantastic enameling work. The clasp is in perfect working order (see pictures) and the back is engraved with the following: the 10K mark, LCC 3/26/88, 923, EZ, and what I believe is the maker's mark. HAPPY BIDDING!

Chi Omega has a rich history dating back to its founding at theUniversity of Arkansas on April 5, 1895. Born in the late 19th century,Chi Omega's four women founders grew to adulthood as a rapidly expanding economy fostered industrialization and urbanization. And they were instilled with the spirit of America, with values of independence, innovation, and adventure. They could not have known how influential their lives would be.

The Fraternity's Five Founders, Jobelle Holcombe, Jean Vincenheller, Ina May Boles, Alice Simonds, and Dr. Charles Richardson, wrote the Chi Omega Constitution and Ritual. Dr. Richardson, a dentist by trade, crafted the first badge out of dental gold.
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