10X CK5676 5676 Submini Triode Tube DHT 4 WD-11 Rebuild

Raytheon CK5676 Subminiature Triode Vacuum Tube
You get 10 NOS in the box Raytheon CK5676 ( aka 5676 ) battery triode tubes. Great little directly heated triode at a super price. If you want to experiment with the true tube sound of a dht with out sacrificing your wallet get some today. Can be used to make a replacement WD-11. Also being used in a hybrid tube / mosfet audio power amp design. These would make a great headphone amp tube. These are old NOS tubes that have not been made in several decades, when they are gone, they are gone for good. Typical online tube seller price is $4.00 to $8.00 each.
More info can be found - /ck5676.htm
Lots of other submini tubes at my Ebay store: /Townsend-Tube-Works Quick Specs: Heater Voltage - 1.25vHeater Current - 120ma Max Plate Voltage - 150vdc Max Plate Current - 11ma Typical Plate Voltage - 135vdc Typical Plate Current - 4ma